Actual Facts About Vaccines And Prevent Spread Of False Information

Facebook has made a positive move in this direction by assuring that they would allow their users as well as users of Instagram, Facebook Search, Groups, Pages and forums to find the actual facts about vaccines and prevent spread of false information and advice on vaccines. The WHO has welcomed this move by one of the largest social media in today’s world.

Millions of users now would be directing straight to the WHO pages on vaccine information in English and other languages when the users search regarding vaccine safety. This would ensure that the actual messages reach people and they are not misguided by the anti-vaccination groups. For individuals living in the United States, the search functions would lead them to the accurate vaccine information on the United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) websites.

Actual facts about vaccines

This collaboration between the health agency and the social media giant is a result of several discussions over the past few months. This would prevent spread of inaccuracies and allow propagation of correct information on vaccines says the WHO. The WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in a statement on the WHO.

Major digital organizations have a responsibility to their users to ensure that they can access facts about vaccines and health. But it would be great to see social and search platforms come together to leverage their combined reach. We want digital actors doing more to make it known around the world that the WHO statement added, “We want innovation that supports healthy behaviours to save lives and protect the vulnerable.

Support vaccination

So many children whose parents fully support vaccination currently lack access to these life-saving tools. Let’s not miss more opportunities to prevent the spread of some of the world’s deadliest diseases. But facebook too has confirmed the news in a statement saying that it is; starting to roll out more ways to connect people with authoritative information about vaccines on Facebook and Instagram.

But believe in providing people with additional context so they can decide whether to read; share, or engage in conversations about information they see on Facebook. But we are exploring ways to give people more accurate information from expert organizations; about vaccines at the top of results for related searches, on Pages discussing the topic; and on invitations to join groups about the topic.