Women's Access To Effective HIV Protection

A restrictive recommendations for pre exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP) issuing by the Centers for Disease Control and; the  Prevention (CDC) systematically disqualifying nearly all the women are at risk for HIV and/or motivating to use the medication.

But PrEP is an antiretroviral drug taken by people who are HIV negative to prevent HIV infection; Research suggests that, if taken as prescribing; PrEP is close to 100% protective against the sexual transmission of HIV; For women who have sex with men; it is the first form of HIV prevention that is user controlling and does not require disclosure to a partner due to its discreet administration as a daily pill.

Effective HIV protection

But according to the researchers and clinical practice; immense promise for women’s health; women account for less than 5% of PrEP users even though they represent 19 percent of new HIV diagnoses. But the CDC guidelines have had a significant impact on the implementation of PrEP nationwide, and most of that impact has been positive.

But many health care providers cite the CDC guidelines; as a reason for adopting PrEP into their clinical practice and use the criteria to help assess patients’ eligibility for PrEP. The impact of the CDC guidelines on women’s eligibility for PrEP by surveying a multiethnic sample of 679 HIV-negative women receiving care at Connecticut Planned Parenthood centers about their sexual health, behavior and attitudes.

Sexual risk behavior

Unfortunately, the criteria specific to women are extremely restrictive; and could lead providers to disqualify women who are at legitimate risk for HIV; Being aware of their partner’s HIV risk or recognize a potentially asymptomatic STI. By pointing out that men who have sex with men can qualify for PrEP basing on their own sexual risk behavior alone.

The critical need to reform the CDC guidelines to avoid screening out women who would benefit from PrEP as well as other downhill consequences; As a user controlling and concealable form of protection; PrEP is a breakthrough for women; particularly women who experience intimate partner violence or other circumstances that make it difficult to negotiate condom use. Ensuring access to PrEP is essential.