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New Report: HIV Epidemic Raging across Europe

A new report has found that there is an HIV epidemic across Europe especially in Eastern Europe. The new diagnoses rose in 2017 the report said but the speed of rise has slowed. The report was released by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

Promising New HIV Vaccine Strategy Unveiled

A new candidate HIV vaccine from Scripps Research surmounts technical hurdles that stymied previous vaccine efforts, and stimulates a powerful anti-HIV antibody response in animal tests.

The new vaccine strategy, described in a paper in Science Advances, is based on the HIV envelope protein, Env. This complex, shape-shifting molecule has been notoriously difficult to produce in vaccines in a way that induces useful immunity to HIV.

Resistant Gonorrhea: Promising New Treatment Approaches

Edward W. Hook III, MD, Endowed Professor of Infectious Disease Translational Research, departments of medicine, epidemiology and microbiology, at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, believes the drug zoliflodacin “is the most promising new antimicrobial for gonorrhea treatment we have had in nearly 20 years.”