Study Exploring Major Case Reporting On Tuberculosis In Bhutan

According to obtaining data the study exploring that major cases of tuberculosis is seeing in Bhutan; which is becoming reason for an outbreak. So by this initiating respiratory disease clinic (RDC) to reduce transmission of acute respiratory illness. To reduce transmission of TB, influenza and other acute respiratory illness in the hospital’s OPD (outpatient department).

Health officials said that there is potential for outbreaks of seasonal influenza due to patients gathering in the health facilities while they wait for healthcare services if there are no proper infection control measures in place. Seasonal influenza is an acute respiratory infection caused by influenza viruses. This would be done through segregation of patient at the entry-point, thereby averting possible hospital acquired outbreaks and infections.

In an effort to end tuberculosis (TB) by 2027, three years ahead of the WHO South-East Asia regional target of 2030, the health ministry has been intensifying TB prevention screening and treatment intervention in recent months. Common cold, which is a respiratory illness continues to be the top cause of morbidity in the country. In 2018, about 10,583 cases were recording by the health facilities across the country.

Major cases of tuberculosis

The centre, established by the health ministry in collaboration with the JDWNRH will adopt a system of fast-tracking; and triaging patients with respiratory illnesses depending on the severity of their signs and symptoms. Appreciating the effort of the TB programme and the leadership of the ministry that TB is a big concern for the nation.

Bhutan has a high incidence of MDR TB (multi-drug resistant TB) in the region. Having a health system that is fully funding by the state with a very small allocation of budget to health services; Health officials said TB, particularly pulmonary (lung) TB is an infectious disease which spread; through the air when someone is sick with TB coughs, laughs, talks and sneeze. An untreated lung TB can spread to 10-15 people in a year.

Health help centre

Therefore, health officials said it is crucial to have sound infection; control practices at least in the larger hospitals where patients with cough are promptly identifying separating and treating. All patients aging 12 and above with respiratory symptoms irrespective of cough duration will be directing to the centre; located near the Health Help Centre in the premises. Health officials said the RDC will function like One Stop Health Services for respiratory illness.

However, it will have registration counter, vital signs checking room, two physician chambers, sample collection room and data management room. Patients requiring X-ray investigation will be fast-tracking with a stamp on the prescription to be fast tracking; and referring to the main building of the hospital; since it is not feasible to install an X-ray machine at the centre.