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New Study: An App Benefits the Breast Cancer Survivors

Breast cancer survivors who used a smartphone app created at Houston Methodist consistently lost weight, largely due to daily, real-time interactions with their health care team via the mobile app. Few clinically-tested mobile apps exist today with clear measurable goals to support continued care of cancer survivors and patients.

Study: Artificial Synapses Made from Nanowires

Scientists have produced a memristive element made from nanowires that functions in much the same way as a biological nerve cell. The component is able to both save and process information, as well as receive numerous signals in parallel. The resistive switching cell made from oxide crystal nanowires is thus proving to be the ideal candidate for use in building bioinspired 'neuromorphic' processors.

Rise in Health Risk in Bangladesh with Antibiotics Overuse

The tendency to overuse antibiotics without proper medical supervision was posing a serious danger to public health in the country, doctors and researchers warned yesterday. Bangladeshis were increasingly becoming vulnerable to the exposure of antibiotic-resistant super-bug, they said at a programme titled “Antibiotic-resistant superbug: Public health in danger”. It was organized by Poribesh Bachao Andolon (POBA) in its Dhaka headquarters.

The New Wearable Device Warns of UV Exposure, Enables Precision Phototherapy

The world's smallest wearable, the battery-free device has been developed by Northwestern Medicine and Northwestern's McCormick School of Engineering scientists to measure exposure to light across multiple wavelengths, from the ultraviolet (UV) to visible and even infrared parts of the solar spectrum. It can record up to three separate wavelengths of light at one time.

Powerful Healing with Better Bandage

A new, low-cost wound dressing could drastically speed up healing in a surprising way. The method leverages energy generated from a patient's own body motions to apply gentle electrical pulses at the site of an injury.