Lack Of Antenatal Services To Pregnant Women's In Nepal

According to the study it is showing that there is no motivation; for new mothers and pregnant women’s in Nepal. This coming light that women who have given birth to babies; and others who receiving antenatal services from health institutions in Budhinanda Municipality of Bajura district have not receiving any motivations yet, as promising by the government.

But under some schemes like AAMA Programme, by the government of India; which has has committing to provide the incentives of Rs 3,000 to women; who deliver their baby antenatal servicesy at a health facility and Rs 800 to those who undergo at least four antenatal check-ups doing the course of pregnancy, in the fiscal year 2018/19. According to health coordinator at Budhinanda; only Rs 1.35 million has been sent to the municipality which was not enough.

The antenatal services

Nowadays an increasing number of Nepalese women are delivering their babies at health facilities. Six in every 10 women know about the free care and transport incentive that is available for delivering at a health facility. Locals know this as the Aama Programme, meaning the programme for MOTHERS. In contrast, chief at the planning division of the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP); Surya Khadka saying a total of Rs 2.85 million was sent to the municipality in three tranches.

It has been reporting that a total of 188 women 136 who gave birth to babies at Kolti Primary Health Centre, 34 at Pandusen Health Post; and 18 at Badhu Health Post in Budhinanda Municipality have not received any incentives yet. The government has made allowances compulsory for pregnant women and new mothers as encouragement to have regular check-ups and give birth at health centres.

Rural municipalities

But deputy mayor of the municipality, Shristi Regmi saying that she was not aware; that the amount supposing for the incentives were receiving except for the health coordinator’s information that the amount was not receiving. Moreover, 77 women in Triveni Municipality and 30 in Chhededaha Rural Municipality have not received any incentives. On the other hand, all the pregnant women and new mothers in Badimalika Municipality and Himali Rural Municipality have received the incentives.

Besides, the amount meant for women in Budhiganga Municipality proving to be more than enough; and Rs 400,000 remaining in balance even after providing the allowances; the municipality’s health coordinator Deepak Shah informing. Khadka said that the MoHP had repeatedly asking the municipalities; and rural municipalities whether the budgets were adequate, upon which additional amount could be sent. But none of the municipalities inquiring.