Fortified Rice

The government of Bangladesh has decided to tackle the problem of malnutrition. They have decided to grow more fortified rice from now on, to tackle the problem. This proposal was putting forward at a workshop event titled; ‘National Level Discussion Meeting on Promoting Nutrition; but among Adolescents’ held in Dhaka’s Cirdap Auditorium on Thursday, May 2, 2019
This event was jointly-arranging the World Food Programme (WFP); and Shornokishoree Network Foundation (SKNF). The minister said: “Now we are distributing 30kg of rice to each poor family. Although, we want to distribute this rice all over the country; but so that everyone can get their required amount of nutrition.

“The government is planning to produce fortified rice and make it compulsory; for auto rice mill owners to buy it from the farmers so that it is available at local markets. Everyone should have a balanced diet that includes all the necessary nutrition. Just fish and meat cannot provide a balanced diet and the absence of this a balanced diet]; will interrupt proper mental growth,” he added.

The requirement of a balanced diet

Expressing his concern regarding malnutrition among the people living in the villages, the minister said: “Earlier, villages grew fresh vegetables thus the people living there had their nutrition needs met. The situation now is different. “Now that things have changed, students from the rural areas of the country are not being able to keep up with others because of malnutrition. Those who are able to get and providing a diet that is well balanced; and nutritious do better in every sector. So everyone has to be aware about this.”
The minister then urged the students present at the event to spread their knowledge among others regarding fortified rice called “Pushti Chaal” modified rice with added micro-nutrients. Speakers at the workshop said that fortified rice can build future generations as autogenous by reducing malnutrition. The speakers further stated that fortified rice can significantly contribute to ensuring nutrition for everyone, and without this, sustainable development will not be possible.

Efficient human resources

Echoing this, Directorate of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Director Prabir Kumar Bhattacharhee said: “In order to build the future Bangladesh, healthy and nutritious food must be provided to the present generation.” “For the present generation to be recognized as efficient human resources, a healthy food and diet is necessary.” Adding to the conversation, Prof Abdul Aziz, member of standing committee, Ministry of Health and Family Planning, said: “This is the time to know which healthy food is needed for children.