Sports Medicine on primary care is undeniable.

Sports Medicine; In this study longtime Lakers guard a championed scorer and notorious competitor was taking his Utah Jazz defenders to task, shouldering into the lane for a contested running on one possession, then crossing into a deep three-pointer on the next. Bryant’s attack, in what would be his final game in the NBA, accumulated to 50 attempted shots, 60 points, and a standing ovation from his hometown fans as he walked off the court to the embrace of his teammates.

Anterior cruciate ligament

They think it’s unquestioned how much of a benefit sports; which have had and continues to have in pushing this science forward, Williams continued. The same advances that have change the very landscape of sports; also allow feats like running back Todd Gurley winning consecutive accolades just years after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL); which could also impact the care patients receive from their everyday physicians.

In the eyes of Williams who has also spent time as the team neurologist for the Los Angeles (LA) Rams and sports neurology consultant for the LA Lakers and NFL Players Association (NFLPA) the impact of sports medicine on primary care is undeniable. Without sports we would be much, much further behind, Williams said. A lot of the lessons learn and the processes, procedures, and approaches that stuck in sports clearly have made their way into the general population in other disciplines.

Benton Emblom, MD, orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist at Andrews, has his own list of high-profile patients that in just recent weeks has include Alabama coach Nick Saban and Auburn freshman guard Tyrell Jones. Yet, the majority of Emblom’s patients aren’t competing in a national spotlight. In his work, Emblom sees orthopedics and rehabilitation as the best examples of the impact of sports medicine on primary care.

The crippling injury

Once regard as a death sentence to an athlete’s career or a crippling injury for a layperson; so ACL reconstruction is now a fairly routine procedure. These same methods that have allow professional athletes; so to regain their ability to cut, jump, and throw at the highest levels also give primary care patients; so the opportunity to return to work, play with their children, or continue their grind as a weekend warrior.

Though chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and concussions in football; which have often caught the headlines and even the attention of Hollywood producers; so it is the unheralded clinical advances that can offer insight to primary care providers. As professional and college athletes are just a small portion of the population; so that suffers head injuries; so findings can be use when treating a slew of other patients.

While primary care providers may not be concern with the record of their local sports team or have any interest in attending a national championship event; so their colleagues on the sideline have a hand in shaping the care they provide. When we think about surgery, primary care and sports medicine; so the benefits of studying those things in athletes have been beneficial to the general population,” Williams said, “and I think we will see the same become true for sports neurology.