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Mental Wellness in College Sports, the Future Edge

While often glorified, these athletes also experience unique stressors that many of us may not understand. These include performance demands that require extensive mental precision, fatigue due to irregular and strenuous training and competitive schedules, ongoing scrutiny from others, separations from loved ones, and a culture supporting intense emotional expression.

Competitive Sports: Age Shouldn't Be a Barrier

To stay healthy and fit, older people have traditionally been advised to take up gentle activities, such as walking and tai chi. But it's time we added competitive sports to the mix. Competitive sport is usually seen as a young person's game. If you encourage children to take up sport when they are young, you establish lifelong participation – or so the theory goes.

Importance of Proper Nutrition to Young Athletes

To be in top condition for competition, young athletes need proper nutrition – even more than their older counterparts do. "Adolescence is the major growth time for everybody, but boys and girls participating in organized sports are depleting their bodies of energy and proteins and carbohydrates while their bodies are trying to grow, so it's kind of a double whammy for them," said Christopher Ina.