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Spectator Injuries at Sporting Events, UAB's First-Ever Study

Injuries are part of the game. That is a common refrain in sports, usually referring to the athletes. But sometimes it is the spectators who get hurt. "You do not expect to be injured when you attend a sporting event as a spectator," said Amit Momaya, a sports medicine orthopaedic surgeon. "You certainly do not expect to die, yet there are any number of cases where spectators are injured, some fatally, at sporting events ."

New Study: Youth Football Changes Nerve Fibers in Brain

MRI scans show that repetitive blows to the head result in brain changes among youth football players, according to a new study. Football has been the subject of much scrutiny in recent years due to growing concerns over the long-term consequences of repetitive head impacts. Players who show signs of concussion are typically removed from games, but many hits to the head are subconcussive and, therefore, don't cause any immediate symptoms. There is rising concern that youth football players who experience these collisions in practices and games may be vulnerable to their effects.

Tendon Pain: Benefits of Transdermal Nitroglycerin

Nitroglycerin patches help patients with common injuries to tendons, a research review suggests. The study team focused on overuse tendon injuries in the shoulders, wrists, heels and knees. Depending on its severity, the condition may be treated with physical therapy, corticosteroid injections to provide short-term pain relief or surgery to repair or replace damaged tendons.

Swarmlike Collective Behavior in Bicycling, Insights

Nature is full of examples of large-scale collective behavior; humans also exhibit this behavior, most notably in pelotons, the mass of riders in bicycle races. Using aerial video footage of bicycle races, analyzed peloton motion to determine what causes changes in the group's large-scale collective behavior and found that riders move through the peloton in a similar manner to circulation in a fluid.