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Repetitive Head Impacts in Sports: More Insights

A new study has found that eyeball and eyelid movement, or oculomotor function, which is used to detect symptomless brain injury, can be impaired by mild, repetitive head impacts in football players. But the function may adapt mid-season, even as athletes continue to incur head impacts.

Modified Jobe Versus Docking Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction

The modified Jobe and docking techniques are the two most commonly used techniques for ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) reconstruction among overhead athletes. However, no study has directly compared these techniques performed by a single surgeon. Current comparisons of these techniques have relied solely on systematic reviews and biomechanical studies.

Ivy League Football Concussions Drop With New Kickoff Rule

Moving the kickoff line in Ivy League football from the 35-yard to the 40-yard line in 2016 resulted in a precipitous drop in the concussion rate among players, researchers report. A new study shows that the mean annual concussion rate per 1000 kickoff plays in the years before the experimental rule change was 10.93. Afterward, the rate dropped to 2.04.

New Study Provides Insight on World's Fastest Shoe

The secret ingredient in the world's fastest marathon shoe lies primarily in its squishy midsole, not in its controversial carbon fiber plate, new CU Boulder research suggests. "This paper demonstrates that the bulk of the energy saved through this shoe comes through its softer, better foam," said senior author and integrative physiology professor Rodger Kram. "The carbon fiber plate is just a cherry on top."