Smoking Tobacco Continues To Place An Enormous Cost

According to the study smoking causing nearly 1-5 cancer cases; and more than 1-4 cancer deaths each year is being noting; smoking rates to one of the lowest in Europe. But with around 1 in 7 people are still smoking tobacco continues to place an enormous cost on our society and our economy.

The prevention at the heart of our nation’s health; recognizing the importance of preventing cancer amongst other long-term health conditions. If the Government really intends on achieving a smoke free England by the end of the next decade, continued action on smoking is vital. To make the England smoke free by 2030, we need to help people to quit smoking, particularly those who are hard to reach.

Smoking tobacco cases

NHS England has promised that, by 2024; every hospital patient who smokes will be offering treatment to help them quit. But this isn’t enough. People also need to be offering treatment to quit by their GP. Smoking cessation services in local communities are being increasingly threatening. The proposals are now out in the public domain and open for debate.

And local governments need funding to help them pay for vital services that are proving to bring smoking rates down. Funding for wider tobacco control measures and stop smoking services have been among the worst hit. Study knowing stop smoking services; which offer smokers a combination of pharmacotherapy and behavioral support are the most successful way to support smokers to stop. And because smoking rates are highest amongst the most vulnerable in society, tackling smoking is the single best thing we can do to improve that gap.

Public health epidemic

Tobacco companies are responsible for the greatest and most enduring man made public health epidemic in history, yet they continue to profit from a product that kills one in two people who use it. that the tobacco industry should pay for the damage to health that they’ve caused. Canada is the only country in the world that does this, and evidence suggests this could discourage young adult smokers from continuing to smoke.

However, ongoing cuts to public health funding have meant that just over half the local authorities in England have a specialist stop smoking service open to all smokers in the area. Reducing smoking rates will also help tackle health inequality. Right now, the gap in life expectancy between the richest and the poorest is widening. Alongside this, the green paper also suggests that an insert carrying quitting advice could be included inside cigarette packs.