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Sleep Hygiene Practices for Children Highlights, UBC Review

Sleep hygiene , which includes practices like providing a cool and quiet sleeping environment or reading before bed time to help kids unwind, is increasingly popular among parents looking to ensure their children get a good night's rest. But are these practices all they are cracked up to be? University of British Columbia sleep expert and nursing professor Wendy Hall recently led a review of the latest studies to find out.

Revolutionary Dietary Supplement: Long term Impact of Alcohol Consumption Mitigated

Survivor is a revolutionary dietary supplement designed to boost your liver's response to alcohol, aimed at mitigating the negative impact it has on your body. Particularly in the UK, alcohol is deeply embedded within society – at brunch, we drink mimosas; after work, we grab beers; at dinner, we sip wine.

While tolerance levels may vary, we eventually reach an age where even a flute of champagne is enough to weaken us in advance of the next morning. The productivity cost of alcohol's after-effects has been estimated at £7.3 billion, annually, in the UK alone.

Addiction Among Youth with Opioids Prescribed by Dentists, Findings

Teens and young adults who are prescribed opioids by dental clinicians are at increased risk for persistent use and for abuse in the next year, a retrospective cohort study suggests. Investigators used claims data from 2015 to identify 14,888 privately insured 16- to 25-year-olds who obtained their first prescription from a dentist or oral surgeon, likely mainly to manage pain after the extraction of third molars (wisdom teeth). The investigators then matched this group by sex and age with 29,776 youths who had not filled an opioid prescription.

Parental Alienation: An Understudied Form of Child abuse and 'Intimate Terrorism'

According to Colorado State University social psychologist Jennifer Harman, about 22 million American parents have been the victims of behavior that lead to something called parental alienation. Having researched the phenomenon for several years, Harman is urging psychological, legal and child custody disciplines to recognize parental alienation as a form of both child abuse and intimate partner violence.

New Study: Psychological Intervention Could Benefit the Abused Women

Training domestic violence and abuse (DVA) advocates to deliver psychological support to women experiencing DVA could significantly improve the health of those affected. In a randomized controlled trial led by researchers from the University of Bristol, women who received the intervention showed reduced symptoms of psychological distress, depression and post-traumatic stress compared to those who received just advocacy.

Air Pollution Linked to Cancer: Occupational Health Study

University of Stirling experts have discovered new evidence of the link between air pollution and cancer as part of a new occupational health study. The team, from the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport, analyzed the case of a woman who developed breast cancer after spending 20 years working as a border guard at the busiest commercial border crossing in North America.

'Papageno Effect' in Suicide Prevention, Study Highlights

The role of people with their own experience of suicidal ideation is an important topic in suicide prevention work. This paper is corroborated by the most recent study, which is the largest in a total of 545 participants: working with colleagues from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and Leuven University in Belgium, study have shown that expert about suicide prevention can reduce suicidal ideation, irrespective of whether the expert in question mentions their personal experiences of suicidal ideation in the article or not.