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Tobacco Packing: Plain Packaging Sparked Tobacco Price Rises

The introduction of plain tobacco packaging led to an increase in the price of leading products, according to new research from the University of Stirling. The study-funded by the Cancer Policy Research Center at Cancer Research UK and published in international journal  Addiction  – conflicts with predictions made by  tobacco companies , prior to the implementation, that plain packaging would lead to lower prices and greater affordability

Leprosy In Morocco Has Declined By Preventive Drug

Since 2012, the number of cases of leprosy in Morocco has declined by more than 16 percent per year. That change can be attributed to the implementation, beginning in 2012, of single dose rifampicin as a preventive to spread leprosy through households; researchers report in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases this week.

Nearly One In Five Tibetan Refugee School Children Have Tuberculosis Infection

In a tuberculosis screening and treatment initiative covering the entire population of Tibetan refugee schoolchildren in northern India, a team directed by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine and the University of Wisconsin says it has found not only a startlingly high prevalence of TB disease and infection but also a potentially workable strategy to eliminate the disease in a large, high-risk group.

Suicidal Ideation Reduced with Educative Input: Study

The role of people with their own experience of suicidal ideation is an important topic in suicide prevention work. This role is corroborated by the recently conducted study, which is the largest so far with a total of 545 participants. Researchers have now shown that expert interviews about suicide prevention can reduce suicidal ideation, irrespective of whether the expert in question mentions their personal experiences of suicidal ideation in the article or not.