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Tobacco Prevention Report Card: FDA Receives An 'F'

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration was given an “F” in a new American Lung Association report card evaluating tobacco prevention programs. The FDA is failing to protect youth from electronic cigarettes, which can lead to potential nicotine addiction; the group said in its 17th annual State of Tobacco Control report, according to CNN. “Putting the lives…


Vaping May Pose Big Risk For Smoking

The kind of teenager least interested in smoking appears to be the type most likely to try a cigarette after they experiment with vaping; a new study indicates. Overall, teens are four times more prone to trying traditional tobacco cigarettes if they’ve ever used an e-cigarettes, the researchers said. But “low-risk” teens are nearly nine times more…

Chemical flavoring

Flavored E-cigarettes May Impair Lung Function

Two chemicals widely used to flavor electronic cigarettes may be impairing the function of cilia in the human airway, according to a new study led by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Cilia are antennae-like protuberances that are present on 50-75% of the cells that line human airways. They play a key role in…


What Works To Help Teens Quit Vaping?

E-cigarette use is surging among American teenagers, with millions of kids flirting with nicotine addiction by regularly vaping. Unfortunately, these kids are going to face a rocky road if they try to kick their nicotine habit, experts say. There are no tested or approved methods for quitting e-cigarettes, said Linda Richter, director of policy research…


Detrimental Effect Of Opioids On Labor Markets

Prescription opioids may be negatively affecting labor force participation and unemployment nationwide; according to findings in a new study co-authored by economists at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville; and published in The Journal of Human Resources. So, the study, which looked at county-level data from across the US, found that a 10 percent increase in opioid…

Opioids Are Best For Kids' Pain Relief: Parents Still Think

Headlines filled with frightening news of opioid abuse, overdoses, and reports that 90% of addictions start in the teen years could make any parent worry. Yet parents remain conflicted about opioids: while more than half express concern their child may be at risk for opioid addiction, nearly two-thirds believe opioids are more effective at managing their child's pain after surgery or a broken bone than non-prescription medication or other alternatives, according to a nationwide survey commissioned by the ASA.

Non-communicable Diseases As Major Threat: WHO Identifies

The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed out 10 major threats to the health of majority of the global population in 2019. The problems range from communicable diseases such as measles and diphtheria that are vaccine preventable, to non communicable diseases such as heart disease, obesity, drug resistant microbes etc. This year 2019 is slated to be the start of the five-year plan from the organization to tackle these threats.

To Reduces Drug Seeking Behavior, Erasing Memories With Cocaine

Researchers identified the brain circuits that form memories associating environmental cues with cocaine use. Targeting these memories may improve the success of exposure therapy to prevent relapse. Forty to 60 percent of all people treated for substance use disorders relapse, presenting a major challenge to treatment success. New research shows that disrupting memories that associate environmental cues with drug use significantly reduces drug seeking behaviors in rats.

Smoking During Pregnancy: In Educational & Occupational Level

With the help of a multidisciplinary register and questionnaire study, Finnish researchers showed that both the educational level and its occupational orientation predict the mother's smoking during early pregnancy. Approximately 15% of pregnant Finnish women smoke during early pregnancy. The number has remained stable during the past decades, and it is higher than in the other Nordic countries where smoking during pregnancy has decreased strongly,

New-style Packs: The Message Of Dangers Of Smoking Is More Effective

Smokers once used to turn a blind eye to health warnings on cigarette packets. But now researchers at the University of Huddersfield have used eye-tracking technology to prove that new-style packs have shifted the focus so that the message about the dangers of smoking is getting through more effectively.

Regulations introduced in the UK in 2016 insist that health warnings – consisting of text and pictures – must occupy 65 per cent of the front and back of cigarette and tobacco packaging. The names of the manufacturer and the brand must also now be printed in a low key, standardised style, against a drab brown background.

Opioid Addiction: A Public Health Crisis

The misuse of and addiction to opioids is a public health crisis in the United States. Part of solving that crisis, say two Northeastern researchers, is changing how we talk about addiction. Leo Beletsky and Zachary Siegel, are creating "Change the Narrative," a guide for healthcare professionals, journalists, policymakers, and lawyers that will help "nudge them toward more accurate, less stigmatized language," Beletsky said.

Bullied & Sexually Abused People: Show Harmful Behaviours

People who ever suffered bullying or sexual abuse have a lower quality of life similar to those living with chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, depression or severe anxiety, a new study from the University of Adelaide has found. They are also far more likely to display harmful behaviours like smoking dependence and binge eating. The study, published in BMC Public Health, investigated around 3000 South Australians who took part in face-to-face interviews using self-labelling questions to measure the age of onset and duration of bullying and sexual assault and their outcomes during home interviews.