Mysterious Respiratory Illness Linking To The Use Of E-cigarettes

The study to determine if these cells are specific for the illness; or whether they are also seeing in vaping patients who are not ill and don’t have symptoms. This determining that fat filled immune cells finding in victims of vaping illness. The frightening outbreak of mysterious respiratory illness linking to the use of e-cigarettes; or vaping, have shaking the medical community.

But revealing that a factor common to all the cases; that the presence of fat-laden macrophages in the lung tissue, without any signs of infection. If confirmed, this could lead to quicker diagnosis and faster specific treatment of this syndrome, while helping to unravel the exact cause of this mystery illness. Macrophages are large immune cells that recognize and swallow foreign particles, and cell debris, processing them and eventually destroy them.

They are formed as monocytes in the bone marrow and patrol the body in the bloodstream. Once they come across a site of infection or tissue injury of any kind, they respond by leaving the circulation and entering the injured place. As these encounter bacterial molecules or other cell signals, they are activated and transformed into macrophages. They act as the first line of defense in protecting the body against infection.

Mysterious respiratory illness

They also help develop nonspecific or innate immunity, presenting the characteristic signature molecules of the bacteria they ingest on their surfaces. These can then be presenting to other immune cells to let them knowing about the invasion; and thus this encouraging the body to mount an effective immune response to wipe out the threat.

Vaping refers to the practice of inhaling smoke from electronic nicotine delivery systems, also called ENDS or e-cigarettes, which has recently caused hundreds of cases of lung injury. The mechanism causing such an injury is unknown, and hence the current report is of significance in possibly directing research into the immediate cause of lung damage.

Cannabis-containing devices

It is already known that ENDS smoke includes vapor from several flavorants; which may give rise to new and possibly harmful compounds on mixing and aerosol formation. The e-cigarettes are also being releasing in the form of cannabis-containing devices; where cannabis oil and cannabis concentrating are smoking. Vaping-related injury begins with symptoms like breathlessness, cough, nausea and abdominal pain, and vomiting, with signs of fluid clogging the lung.

These cells contain fat that does not come from aspiration; for instance. Moreover, the CT scans show that the lung lesions seen on imaging do not resemble; those that typically occur with aspiration pneumonia due to the inhalation of fatty material. However, a variety of imaging patterns have been seen in such patients; and this may indicate that multiple mechanisms are at work to produce this illness.