A joint project team led by Tokyo Institute of Technology (hereinafter, “Tokyo Tech”), Shinshu University and Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (hereinafter, “ISID”) develop cattle observing systems equipped with a “Sense and Think Collar” that utilizes state-of-the-art Edge AI technology; so under the supervision of Tokyo Tech’s Center of Innovation (COI) Research Center for the Earth Inclusive Sensing Empathizing with Silent Voices.

Awareness of animal welfare

In recent years, a rising consumer awareness of animal welfare has report in the field of animal husbandry; also method for raising livestock that are considerate of animal welfare are propose around the entire world. However, improving the animal welfare of livestock requires the operational management of various processes; which including pasturage, and the cost of responding to these requirements are pervasive issues.

COI Team for Empathy with Silent Voices of Animals (leader: Dr. Hiroyuki Ito; so associate professor in the Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Tech; subleader: Dr. Kenichi Takeda, Associate Professor of Faculty of Agriculture is promoting the establishment of common hardware and software platforms that thematize listening to the silent voices of cattle and advocating for research themes; such as the spread of animal welfare in the dairy farming and livestock industries.

Thanks to prior initiatives, the team now has the technology to make projections; also estimates regarding complicated information concerning cattle postures and behaviors (eating and drinking water, prone posture, standing and walking positions, etc.). This feat can be accomplish thanks to AI processing using collar-shaped sensors that are attach to the cattle.

Concerning various cattle status

Moving forward, research will continue in order to enable calculate estimations concerning various cattle status; so such as when they begin to fall ill, show signs of calving and estrus or fall under stress. Tokyo Tech (COI) Research Center for the Earth Inclusive Sensing Empathizing; so with Silent Voices (Projectleader: Toshiyuki Hiroi, Senior General Manager, Sony Corporation, System and Platform Technology Development Division.
Hitoshi Wakabayashi, Professor, Tokyo Tech) has conducting research and development relate to this project; so as hub of the Center of Innovation program promote by the Japanese Ministry of Education; also Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) since April 1, 2018. As humanity pursues a higher quality of life through economic development; hence prosperous coexistence with other species that inhabit Earth’s limited environments will become increasingly crucial.
By lending its ears to and empathizing (inclusive sensing) with silent voices that reverberate; so from beyond the mere scope of human civilization, the research center aims to achieve cycles that allow people; so to independently resolve issues involving humans, society and the environment through Earth-friendly action with low environmental impact.