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Insurance Claims Should Be Filed by Kerala Flood Victims, Experts

If you were affected by the Kerala floods, you may be busy putting back your life in order now that the floods are receding. But it’s also important to assess the damages to your assets and file your insurance claim soon to avoid rejection due to delayed filing.

Though the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Irdai) has asked insurers to expedite the settlement of insurance claims with minimal paperwork, it is only wise to approach your insurer before it gets too late.

Ayushman Bharat and Related Concepts

Nearly 500 million people or 40% of India’s population will have health insurance as the government gears up to launch Ayushman Bharat, a health policy for the underprivileged. Modalities with respect to its pricing are still being worked out, but the scheme will be financed by the centre and the state governments.

Universal Health Coverage and India’s challenges

“Only Swasth Bharat can be a Samriddha Bharat. India cannot realize its demographic dividend without its citizens being healthy,” said Mr. Arun Jaitley, the Union Finance Minister while announcing the health budget for 2018-19, which is estimated to be around Rs 52,800 crore.

Economic and Political Aspects in Better Healthcare

Richer, perhaps, but certainly not very healthy. In 2016, life expectancy in India was 68.6 years, compared with 76.2 in China, 75.28 in Sri Lanka, 72.49 in Bangladesh, and 70.25 in Nepal. In 2015, the Bank says, 39.6% of Indians were at risk of catastrophic expenditure for surgery.  This is because 65% of the population had no insurance coverage and was spending out-of-pocket (OOP) for medical care.

Paid Maternity Leave: India’s Wrong Approach

A common concern for India and the US is the decline or stagnation in female labour force participation in recent decades. In the US, between 1960 and 2016, female labour force participation (LFP) increased from less than 40% to nearly 60%. Yet, since the 2000s, participation has tended to stagnate and even decline. It is a similar story in India. Not only have female LFP rates been lower than other comparable economies, the trend reveals declining rates over time.

The Most Common Bone Problem in India, Knee Pain

While India has witnessed an increase in life expectancy thanks to advances in medical science and technology, what is also increasing is the number of people leading sedentary lifestyles and eating food that is unhealthy . All this has contributed to an increase in the number of obesity cases and as a natural corollary, given to rise to orthopedic problems . Knee pain seems to be the most common problem.