Benefits Of Novel Vaccine Immunotherapy

The research trial on a bee sting vaccine containing a novel adjuvant called Advax; to increase its efficacy has raised hopes that severe allergic reactions, sometimes fatal; to bee venom in allergic people could soon be a thing of the past.

The vaccine was designing to neutralize the venom of the European honeybee. The research titled, Randomized controlled trial demonstrating; the benefits of delta inulin adjuvanted immunotherapy in patients with bee venom allergy. In most cases, a bee sting is quite painful but the trouble ends there.

With respect to a few individuals, however, the venom causing an overwhelming allergic reaction called anaphylaxis to occur which can even snuff out life if not treated in time. This reaction can be preventing in the vast majority of cases by immunotherapy; a procedure in which the agent causing allergy is injected into the body in minute doses, building up over time.

Novel vaccine immunotherapy

the antigen used must be capable of eliciting an adequate but not harmful immune reaction in the body. If the antigen is too weak, the time required to build up an immune reaction to the point where it is protective could be unduly long, making the process time-consuming; increasing the number of doses of venom, which is costly, and reducing the acceptability to potential users.

Moreover, patients on immunotherapy may still suffer anaphylactic reactions; while on immunotherapy until clinically useful levels of the antibodies are achieving in the body. This could defer the utility of the treatment for a prolonged period.

Levels of IgG antibodies

All patients reported a good safety profile, with no severe adverse reactions. By the 14th week, both groups showed peak levels of IgG antibodies. Blood tests showed that all 27 patients developed blocking IgG antibodies, though in different patterns, early in the course of HBVIT; and this response was sustaining.

However, the use of Advax significantly boosting the immune reaction to the vaccine; with the peak levels being attaining earlier and reaching higher levels; and remaining high for longer periods. This would make it much easier to achieve and maintain useful levels of antibody against the bee venom; to neutralize the venom.