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Pulmonary Embolism: IVC Filters May Increase Mortality Risk

Use of inferior vena cava (IVC) does not appear to have a mortality benefit – and may confer to mortality risk – in older adults with  pulmonary embolism (PE), a study has shown. 

The results of the study, conducted by Behnood Bikdeli and colleagues, were  published online  in a research letter in  JAMA Internal Medicine . The findings contradict those from previous analyses of administrative databases in which there was limited adjustment for potential confounders, they write

PADN-5: Ablation Reduces Pulmonary Hypertension in HF

Patients with combined pre and postcapillary  pulmonary hypertension  (CpcPH) secondary to left-sided  heart failure  (HF) who underwent a pulmonary artery denervation (PADN) procedure had significant improvements in hemodynamic and clinical outcomes at 6 months, compared with patients who underwent a sham procedure, in the PADN-5 trial.

Asthma Patients' Lungs: New Study Helps in the Repair

A number of patients who suffer from asthma are bringing their condition under control, increasing their lung function and decreasing the frequency of asthma attacks—all without going to the doctor's office. The patients involved in a URI College of Nursing professor's study are benefitting from an emerging trend among nurses to increase patient care by treating them through technology.