MossRehab, the renowned physical and cognitive rehabilitation arm of Einstein Healthcare Network, has again been named by U.S. News & World Report magazine as a top ten rehabilitation facility in the country for diagnoses including spinal cord injury, stroke, amputation and traumatic brain injury. MossRehab is also once again listed as the top ranked facility of its type in Pennsylvania. This is the twenty-fifth time MossRehab has made the list.

According to U.S. News' "Best Hospitals" list–which is comprised by asking doctors throughout the country where they would send loved ones for treatment of a specific medical condition if money and location weren't an issue–MossRehab ranks tenth in the nation for rehabilitation.

MossRehab's outcomes–higher patient satisfaction rates and patients having better scores in functional improvement (regaining mobility and self -care faster) than other rehabilitation providers– is a result of MossRehab's unique ability to pair the expertise of our clinicians with more pioneering rehabilitation robotics and technologies than any other facility in the United States.


MossRehab's patients also benefit from the theory-driven research and clinical focused treatments derived at the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute which focuses on three main areas: Cognitive Neuroscience and Rehabilitation, Traumatic Brain Injury Treatments and Outcomes and Movement Science and Mobility Rehabilitation.

"Being ranked by U.S. News & World Report for 25 years running is a big achievement that recognizes MossRehab results-based reputation as a leader in blending rehabilitation care, technology, education and research for the benefit of our patients." said Alberto Esquenazi.

"Most importantly, I am very proud, as is everyone at MossRehab, of our Top Ten ranking once again, because it stands as a testament to what we do for our patients and the trust of those who voted for us."