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Cancer Patients

Cure Not In The Top Responses Of Cancer Patients

What do American metastatic cancer patients hope for from their cancer treatment? Most commonly, they desire a good quality of life, according to a rare large survey on the subject in this patient population. Cure was not even in the top five responses among the 216 participating patients, report Jeremy DeMartini, MD, Department of Psychiatry,…

Palliative treatment

Patients' Access To Palliative Treatment

For patients at the end of life, palliative care can prolong survival and improve the quality of life for patients with a life-threatening illness and for their families. But studies have found that racial and ethnic minorities are less likely to receive end-of-life palliative care than their counterparts. A new study conducted by investigators at…

acute heart failure

New Score Predicts Mortality In Acute Heart Failure

A risk stratification score known as Multiple Estimation of risk. On the other hand, it was based on the Emergency department Spanish Score In patients with AHF, or MEESSI-AHF. Simultaneously, it accurately estimated 30-day mortality among Swiss patients. They were hospitalized for acute heart failure, according to data published in Annals of Internal Medicine. “As most acute…

Improving Health Of workforce of the NHS: By Low-cost Changes

Making healthy food easier to access in hospital canteens and food outlets, as well as increasing healthy options and reducing portion sizes, are the most effective ways of encouraging healthcare staff to improve their diets according to a new study from the University of Warwick. Using 'nudge theory', which has been shown to encourage healthy eating in other settings, these low-cost changes could have a significant effect on improving the health of the workforce of the NHS.