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Home Videos Of Children Can Be Scored to Diagnose Autism, Study Reports

The research, which will be published online Nov. 27 in PLOS Medicine, expands on a 2014 feasibility study on the topic by the same researchers. In the new study, the scientists employed machine learning to determine which features of children's behavior should be rated to evaluate autism, using computers to whittle down a long list of behavioral features to those most relevant to the diagnosis. They also devised an algorithm that weights each feature to provide an overall diagnostic score for each child

Preventing Infant Deaths: The ABCs of Safe Baby Sleep

Just last week, I read an X-ray study of an infant who died while sleeping with a parent. I am a pediatric radiologist, and in cases where the infant has died unexpectedly, we often obtain X-ray images to make sure that the child does not have skeletal fractures or other signs of injury that might suggest that he or she was the victim of child abuse Most of the time we find no such evidence