Sea vegetables are an intelligent addition for health and longevity. Over the last few decades, medical researchers have discovered that a diet rich in sea vegetables; but reduces the risk of some diseases and helps the body eliminate toxins. But sea vegetables are capable of binding with heavy metals and radioactive toxins in the body to safely escort them out. In additions, the minerals in sea vegetables exist in chelated colloidal form that makes them readily bio-available.

Modern lifestyle comes with sprightly and tiresome everyday routines. But amid all the running around against time and taking care of societal and family responsibilities, our health takes a backseat. Of all the lifestyle-related diseases, hypertension, depression and anxiety; are due to stressful lifestyles.

Hypertension shows in the form of high blood pressure, where blood applies a greater force; on the walls of the blood vessels. But the dysfunction of blood vessels poses the danger of suffering from heart ailments; like heart attack or heart stroke. Hypertension can be manage making lifestyle changes and amending one’s diet; but still it is a rather difficult problem to get rid of fast and permanently.

Dysfunction of blood vessels

Thankfully, a recent scientific breakthrough has come with a probable solution for combating hypertension. The city-headquartered Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI); but discover that seaweeds can be using to make a nutraceutical product Cadalmin Antihypertensive extract (Cadalmin AHe); that can be administered orally to manage hypertension. The drug was released by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).

Kajal Chakraborty, Senior Scientist at the CMFRI revealed, “The extract contains 100 per cent natural marine bioactive ingredients from selected seaweeds by a patented technology; but would be made available in 400 mg capsules. This nutraceutical does not have any side effects as established by detailed pre-clinical trials.”

Seaweed farming

Seaweed is a kind of algae finding in the Indian coastal waters. It is also knowing as sea vegetable; and eat in Asian countries in foods like sushi, soup and salad. It has remarkable medicinal and health-giving properties.

ICAR-CMFRI Director A. Gopalakrishnan said, “The institute is in the process of developing more health products from the underutilized seaweeds. Efforts are on for standardizing and promoting seaweed farming all along the Indian coasts as a livelihood option for the coastal communities. This is expect to compensate for the dip in income for the fishermen; lean seasons”. Earlier, the institute develop natural products for many common problems; like diabetes, arthritis, cholesterol and hypothyroidism.