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Lectin from the Sea Mussel Crenomytilus grayanus

The GalNAc/Gal-specific lectin from the sea mussel Crenomytilus grayanus (CGL) with anticancer activity represents ? novel lectin family with a β-trefoil fold. Earlier, the crystal structures of CGL complexes with globotriose, galactose and galactosamine, and mutagenesis studies have revealed that the lectin contained three carbohydrate-binding sites.

Wound-Healing Properties of Marine Sponge

Recently, the bioactive properties of marine collagen and marine collagen hydrolysates have been demonstrated. Although there is some literature assessing the general chemical features and biocompatibility of collagen extracts from marine sponges, no data are available on the biological effects of sponge collagen hydrolysates for biomedical and/or cosmetic purposes.