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Breast Cancers Grow By Recruiting Cells From Bone Marrow

Researchers in Israel have discovered that breast tumors can boost their growth by recruiting stromal cells originally formed in the bone marrow.  The study, which will be published November 23 in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, reveals that the recruitment of bone marrow-derived fibroblasts lowers the odds of surviving breast cancer, but suggests that targeting these cells could be an effective way of treating the disease.

New Therapy Might Improve Leukemia

A Wilmot Cancer Institute study uncovers how a single gene could be at fault in myeloid leukemia (AML), one of the deadliest cancers. The breakthrough gives researchers renewed hope that a gene-targeted therapy could improve AML survival rates, which have not budged in recent years.

New Insights Into Ordinary Stem Cell

How does individual develop cells choose and commit to their "identity" to become, for example, an immune cell, or a muscle cell, or a neuron? T-lymphocytes are cells in the immune system that act as "intelligence agents" they circulate throughout the body, detect threats, and determine what kind of response the immune system should make.