Responce Of Democratic Candidates To Health Care Policy

All the 23 candidates of Democratic presidential for their views on the best ways to improve the health care system; study receiving responses from 19 of them; When the 2020 Democrats were asking the best way to improve the health care system, a split in the fieling was revealing; Here are full responses from 19 candidates.

But the study invovling that; whether the candidates supporting 3 possible routes for changing how Americans receive health insurance: by creating a Medicare for all system that would eliminate private insurance; by providing a choice between a “public option” health care plan run by the government and private insurance; or by making more modest changes to the Affordable Care Act.

Health care policy

But candidates could indicate support for more than one option; the 3 options would be the best way to improve the health care system; and that is where a split in the field was revealing; The survey also included several other questions about health insurance and coverage.

But knowing that how the candidates would finance their plans; and other matters like prescription drug prices;  Many of the questions were posing in a yes or no format but also allowing the candidates to add additional comments. Some of the responses we received were written in the first personl; while others were supplied by campaign staff members; Aside from a few corrected typos and minor punctuation changes for clarity; these are the full, unediting answers we receiving.

Campaign staff members

However the best path to achieve those objectives is with Medicare-X; study plan to create a strong public option that providing people with the choice of buying into that option or keeping the insurance they receive through their employer or union.

In just four years, Medicare for All would take health insurance away from about 180 million Americans who receive their insurance through their employer or their union, the vast majority of whom like it; And it would take insurance away from another 20 million people who receive insurance through Medicare Advantage; By using the existing Medicare framework, it does all of this without adding any bureaucracy.