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Influenza A Deliberately Enhances Levels of the Human p53 Protein

Genome editing technology is helping A * STAR scientists unravel how the Influenza A virus (IAV) exploits human anti-viral responses. IAV remains a key challenge for global health resources, not least because of the wide variations in symptom severity experienced by different people, even when they are infected by the same strain. This implies that there are host factors at play during the initial host-viral interaction.

Studying Flu: A New Approach Highlighted

Scientists have known for decades that a flu virus in a human body can be a lot different than viruses grown in a lab. As opposed to the uniform, spherical, textbook-style viruses in a petri dish, in humans they vary in shape and composition — particularly the abundance of certain proteins — even if they are genetically very similar.

Zika Virus Combated with Six Antibodies, Findings

Researchers have generated six Zika virus antibodies that could be used to test for and possibly treat a mosquito-borne disease that has infected more than 1.5 million people worldwide. The antibodies "may have the dual utility as recognized Zika virus subtypes and may be further developed to treat Zika virus infection," corresponding author Ravi Durvasula, MD, and colleagues report in a study published in the journal  PLOS ONE.

Severity of Flu Reduced with Influenza Vaccination

Researchers of the UB and CIBERESP have taken part in a study that analyzes all the severe influenza cases in twelve Catalan hospitals between the 2010-2011 and 2015-2016 campaigns. The study, published in the scientific journal  Eurosurveillance, also counts on the participation of researchers from the Public Health Agency of Catalonia, the Lleida Institute of Biomedical Research and the Barcelona Public Health Agency.

Many Saved With Freeze Dried Polio Vaccine

Polio vaccine can successfully prevent the deadly paralyzing illness caused in children. The vaccine presently available is in liquid form and is also thermolabile. This means that when exposed to higher than recommended temperature at any point in its transit the vaccine loses its efficacy despite being cooled again.

Ancient Viruses Got Cannabis High, New Findings

THC and CBD, bioactive substances produced by cannabis and sought by medical patients and recreational users, sprung to life thanks to ancient colonization of the plant's genome by viruses, have found. World's first cannabis chromosome map reveals the plant's evolutionary past and points to its future as a potential medicine.