National Health Policy Vision Spelt Out In 2017

The vision spelt out in the National Health Policy of 2017 must be translating into synergistic actions across various components and levels of the health system; The promise of universal health coverage, offered by Ayushman Bharat, must be delivering through increasing resources and redesign as needing.

The second term of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government will feature two landmark anniversaries the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in 2019 and the 75th anniversary of India’s independence in 2022; The agenda for health system transformation must gather speeding in the years in between to accelerate the country’s social and economic development.

National health policy

As the numbers and skills of healthcare providers; across several categories, can be enhancing to energize the health system; offer employment and leverage technology to improve the outreach, quality; affordability and accountability of our health services.The Clinical Establishments Act should be enforcing across the country; as a mandatory requirement of PMJAY funding and empanelment.

But technology enabled young frontline health workers will lead in delivering primary healthcare; but which is the foundational basis of a strong health system; Even as the health sector needs more financial resources; the health system can demonstrate efficiency gains to provide better outcomes for the money available.This is possible not only through wider deployment of appropriate technologies but mainly through capable management of health programmes and healthcare facilities.

Health management cadres

But by this investment in; and proper positioning of; public health cadres and health management cadres will be needing; But a National Medical Service is being creating under the National Health Mission; to create a national pool of doctors who can be distributing across the states to correct the gross maldistribution that exists.

But the comprehensive primary healthcare; but they initiated through sub centres upgraded to health and wellness centres; must be strengthened and scaled up through more human and financial resources as well as augmented capacity of primary and community health centres.Provision of drugs and diagnostics; free of cost, at public healthcare institutions; will bring early and substantial relief to the many who are burdened by high out of pocket expenditure.