Online appointment service Zocdoc has anger not only Stadtmauer but also some of its other physician subscribers especially in New York with a new pricing policy in certain areas that will charge a fee each time a new patient makes an appointment through the service. The company, found in 2007, previously charge physicians a $3000 annual flat fee, no matter how many patients book an appointment through their service.
Under the new model, which went into effect, physicians pay $299 annually for the administrative services for up to five physicians (which then increases base on the size of the practice), plus an adjustable per-patient fee depending on the type of medical practice, levied any time a new patient books through the Zocdoc portal or app. Patients who already have an establish relationship with a physician are also include in the licensing fee.

Per patient pricing plan

In 2018, the company put the new per-patient pricing plan in effect in Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Washington. It will be institute in New Jersey on May 1. Some physicians who were contact byespecially outside of New York; so said they’ve please with the new pricing model. If you ask me, it’s a ludicrous amount to pay for an ‘advertising’ fee,” said Rosemary Desloge, MD, an otolaryngologist in private practice in Manhattan.

Zocdoc had to delay its first attempt at putting the new fee into place in New York last year; so owing to vigorous pushback from the medical community; so according to the Medical Society of the State of New York. Jessica Aptman, a company spokeswoman, that physicians who have express concerns about the pricing are the vocal minority.

The New York medical society did question the new pricing model. Its lawyers met with the state’s health department in March. Regulators confirm that the new pricing does not constitute fee-splitting under the New York code; so the society told its members. But the new pricing model also raises questions about whether the fees constitute; so illegal referrals or kickbacks under Medicare and Medicaid statutes.

Five states with the new model

Aptman claim that a New York dermatology practice that paid $30,000 a year under the flat fee; so system covering 10 doctors value the service at $50,000 a week, or $2.6 million a year. They said that of the five states with the new model; so “the vast majority of Zocdoc’s existing provider clients opted in to our new pricing and that some physicians and dentists who had previously sat on the sidelines had now sign up.
Zocdoc is one of the biggest physician rating and online booking services in the United States. Aptman said Zocdoc operates in 40 states and covers 60% of the US population. The company which bills itself as a marketing services platform is back by some big-name Silicon Valley investors, including Khosla Ventures and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ Bezos Expeditions.

That’s because thousands of providers across independent practices and leading health systems alike participate in Zocdoc’s Marketplace. Together, we’ve help millions of New Yorkers access care. The company would not disclose how many New York physicians use its service. That number “is a direct path to revenue and we are a private company and do not share revenue publicly,” said Aptman.

The company note that this only be allow under its contract if a practice charges all patients the same no-show fee, not just those using Zocdoc to book their appointments. Stadtmauer estimates that a third of his new patients in the past year booked through Zocdoc. They also hesitated to use the service when it was first offered; but change his mind within a few years, as he decide he need to do something different for his solo practice.