Here the study shows Abortion clinics are facing protesters emboldened by a flurry of restrictive new state laws as they reassure confuse patients that the laws have yet to take effect, abortion providers said. Last week, Alabama enact the nation’s strictest abortion law, making performing abortions a felony at any stage of pregnancy with almost no exceptions.

Women who came through the doors held hands with love ones or curl into chairs as they waited. A television set to a cable news channel aired a segment about Alabama’s abortion law. It is one of only three abortion clinics in the state, and the only one that provides abortions when a woman is up to 20 weeks pregnant. Some patients drove from Mississippi and other neighboring states because of a shortage of clinics.

Abortions at the clinic

Our doors are open, and we continue to be here for women in our communities; also they intend to keep it that way,” said Dr. Yashica Robinson, an obstetrician and gynecologist who provides abortions at the clinic. Thank you notes from patients, sent on cards or written on yellow and blue sticky notes; ao dot a bulletin board in the clinic.

I was so scare on this journey in the Bible Belt; also you put me at ease with no judgment,” one read. Georgia , Kentucky , Mississippi and Ohio have pass laws that prohibit abortion; so when a fetal heartbeat is detect about six weeks; so before many women know they are pregnant. Missouri and Louisiana are close to enacting similar bans.

That prospect has energize protesters at Mississippi’s only abortion clinic and made them more aggressive; so with 100 people gathering on some days singing and waving signs double the usual number; hence clinic owner Diane Derzis said. Messages in pink and blue chalk remain on a sidewalk recently near the hot pink building in Jackson that houses the clinic: “Babies are murder here” and “Repent. Turn to Christ.

Clinic administrator Shannon Brewer took a call from a pregnant woman wanting to schedule an abortion for next week. Brewer told her about the requirement for two trips to the clinic; so the first for state mandate counseling and the second, at least 24 hours later, for the procedure.

The security concerns

She told the woman that no bags, purses or children are allowed. The ban on bags and purses is because of security concerns and the ban on children is because of protesters; so Brewer explain after she was off the phone. People are screaming at the women as they come in, she said. That’s not good for a child.

POWER House, a group that offers escorts to women seeking abortions in Montgomery, Alabama, for the first time hired an off-duty police officer to watch over escorts and patients because of the attention generate by Alabama’s new abortion law, said Mia Raven, the group’s executive director.

In Atlanta, doctors who provide abortions are talking about how to practice in accordance with the Georgia law if it’s not block in court and goes into effect as schedule in January, said Dr. Lisa Haddad, an associate professor in gynecology and obstetrics at Emory University School of Medicine. Georgia includes an exception to save the life of the mother, but Haddad said doctors will need protocols to determine when to invoke that provision.