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Moderate Amounts Of Healthy Fats Could Soon Be Allowed In Diets

Most public health guidelines including the Dietary Guidelines for Americans do not allow fat portions in excess. However, nutritionists and dieticians have now agreed that not all fats in the diet are bad and many of them could be allowed.

At present, there is ample evidence to show that not all forms of fats are bad for the heart and some are indeed good for the heart. Some of the fats may help to reduce triglycerides in the blood.

Snacking For Diet Success

Restrictive diets are hard to stick with, especially when you must eliminate most of your favorite foods. Research has also found that cutting out a particular food can cause cravings and may lead to overindulgence—and weight regain—when you allow yourself to enjoy it again.

World's Most Expensive Market For 'Biologic' Drugs

Europeans have found the secret to making some of the world's costliest medicines much more affordable, as much as 80% cheaper than in the U.S. Governments in Europe have compelled drugmakers to bend on prices and have thrown open the market for so-called biosimilars, which are cheaper copies of biologic drugs made from living organisms.

Vitamin D Supplements For Trunk Muscle Morphology

The effect of vitamin D supplementation on postural muscles of the trunk is of particular interest because low 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25 (OH) D] levels are associated with decreased postural balance and increased risk of falls.

Understanding the role of vitamin D supplementation plays in trunk muscle function of older adults is necessary, as this is a potentially modifiable factor to improve postural muscle function and decrease the risk of falling of older adults.