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The researches find that the a frozen Fruit Pop treat that won’t give your healthy eating plan the cold shoulder, pass on store-bought pops and make your own. Some prepackaged pops might be calorie-friendly, but many have dyes and preservatives. Making your own is easy, and you can use gut-friendly ingredients like kefir (a cultured dairy drink); fresh fruit and dark chocolate. Kefir  is a fermented milk drink that originated with shepherds of the North Caucasus region; who discovered that fresh milk carried in leather pouches would occasionally ferment into an effervescent beverage.

A frozen Fruit Pop treat

It is prepare by inoculating cow, goat, or sheep’s milk with kefir grains. Traditional kefir is make in skin bags that are hung near a doorway; the bag  knock by anyone passing through the doorway to help keep the milk and kefir grains well mix. Think of kefir as a cousin of yogurt with a similarly tangy taste. It’s high in protein and load with probiotic cultures, up to 11 different strains compared to the one or two find in most yogurts.

It’s great in frozen pop recipes because the freezing doesn’t kill the beneficial cultures. Also, its texture is a bit thinner than yogurt, which makes it ideal for freezing with berries and other healthy add-ins, like naturally sugar-free cacao nibs. Nibs are cracked whole cocoa beans. They’re high in antioxidants plus they give you a good dose of fiber and a pleasant crunch. You can usually find them in health food stores or order them online. A bag of nibs will keep for months in your fridge, but you’ll likely use them up in short order.

Whole cocoa beans

Kefir is a fermented milk beverage that originated in the Caucasus Mountains and has been enjoyed for hundreds of years. Kefir is derived from the Turkish word, kief, which means “good feeling.” Kefir is traditionally made from cow’s milk, but it can be made with goat, sheep, buffalo milk, or even water as well. It is slightly thick, like a smoothie, and has a tart flavor.

Kefir is made by two types of fermentation: the fermentation of lactose (lactic acid fermentation) and the fermentation of yeast (alcoholic fermentation). Traditionally, fermentation was initiated in the milk by the addition of kefir grains, a yeast/bacteria fermentation starter. The kefir sold in stores today rarely uses kefir grains to initiate fermentation, but uses starter cultures that have been isolated from kefir or kefir grains in order to make a food that has a consistent texture and taste.