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Gastric Bypass Patients With Alcohol Problems

Alcohol consumption cutoffs are unreliable in the setting of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery, researchers report. "Because RYGB changes the way that alcohol is metabolized and experienced, such that alcohol has a stronger effect post-surgery, we hypothesized that the best alcohol frequency and quantity cutoffs for identifying alcohol problems would be lower among post-surgery patients," said Dr. Wendy C. King from University of Pittsburgh

Some Bowel Cancer Patients Have To Wait For Treatment

It can take up to a year for some bowel cancer patients in the UK to start treatment, according to international research co-ordinated by Cancer Research UK and published in BMJ Open. Researchers found that it took a year or more from first spotting a symptom to beginning treatment for 10% of patients in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales.