Street Saying That War Against Opioid Addiction

The street saying that it can cure everything from a bad mood to cancer. However, most of these claims are not based on scientific evidence. Animal studies suggest that CBD might be beneficial for some health indications, such as pain, inflammation, arthritisand anxiety.

This is one of the first double-blind controll trials, the gold standard for drug research, to show benefit of using CBD outside epilepsy treatment. Thus, researchers can say with greater confidence that CBD may be helpful in fighting the war against opioid addiction.

Respective addictive drug

Addiction is often thought of in terms of the pursuit of the “high” associate with the use of a drug. However, most addicts continue to use, or relapse when trying to quit using their respective addictive drug. This difficulty, despite the desire and often pressure by friends, family and co-workers to quit, is often due to the negative effects of drug withdrawal.

For dependent individuals, ongoing use of a drug is not perceive as a conscious choice, but rather an evil necessity. Medication assist treatment with drugs like methadone or buprenorphine, allows for an individual to undergo recovery from an opioid use disorder. The use of medication assist treatment significantly decreases the likelihood of an individual to relapse and fatally overdose due to withdrawal or dependence symptoms.

Initial studies of CBD in humans verify that CBD, when co administer with fentanyl; so is safe and well tolerate in healthy, non-opioid dependent individuals. A 2015 report of a small double blind study conduct in opioid dependent individuals found that a single administration of CBD, in comparison to a placebo, decreased cue-induce craving of opioids and feelings of anxiety.

Conditions of stress

A double-blind placebo control study publish on May 21, 2019 adds to these findings by demonstrating; so that the Food and Drug Administration approve Epidiolex can reduce; so cue-induce craving in individuals that had been former heroin users. Furthermore, in these individuals, Epidiolex reduce reports of anxiety; also blood levels of cortisol, a hormone know to increase under conditions of stress and anxiety.

Only Epidiolex is FDA approve for a medical condition pediatric seizures. All other forms of CBD aren’t regulated. There have been numerous consumer reports that show; so that the actual amount of CBD in over the counter products is significantly less than what is report on the label. Also, some of these over the counter products contain enough THC to show up on drug tests.

This could mean that taking CBD with certain drugs could diminish or enhance the effects of prescriptions; so leading to problems controlling particular medical conditions; so that were once well manage, or increase side effects of the other medications. For this reason, it is incredibly important to talk to your doctor or pharmacist; so about potential drug interactions before using CBD.