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Measuring Background Levels Of Drugs In Crime Labs

When forensic chemists handle evidence that contains illegal drugs, trace amounts are inevitably released into the laboratory environment, which can cause detectable background levels of drugs in the lab. Why is this a problem? 'If I run a sample and it has fentanyl, I want to be sure that fentanyl came from the sample and not from background levels in my lab,' said a researcher.

Increased Risk Of Harm From Cannabis Across Europe

Cannabis resin and herbal cannabis have significantly increased in potency and in price, according to the first study to investigate changes in cannabis across Europe.

The study, published today in the journal Addiction by researchers from the University of Bath and King's College London, draws on data collected from across 28 EU Member states, as well as Norway and Turkey by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction.

Mandatory Taper Off Chronic Opioids Might Be Harmful

Mandatory opioid tapers could sometimes do more harm than good, international medical experts warn in an open letter to health authorities. The letter, published in the journal Pain Medicine, outlines risks associated with forced tapering of opioids and petitions U.S. policymakers to develop guidelines that are not "aggressive and unrealistic."