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Analyzing opioid prescription patterns in children

Analyzing Opioid Prescription Patterns In Children

As the opioid epidemic continues to plague the United States; physician-researchers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) analyzed prescription patterns in children. They found that both duration of treatment and dose amounts declined between 2013 and 2017, while the rate of prescribing remained the same. The findings were published January 17, 2019 in Pain Medicine. Outcome…

Forensic anthropologist

Forensic Anthropologist Studies Opioid Addiction And Bones

Bones are a living record that constantly change over a person’s life. Forensic anthropologists are tasked with deciphering clues from bones, and their study of skeletal remains aids in the identification of unknown individuals. By working to assess the age, sex, height, ancestry and unique features of a skeleton; they provide important keys to identifying…

Lawsuit against Oxycontin

Lawsuit Details Of Sackler Family On Oxycontin Fortune

The first nine months of 2013 started off as a banner year for the Sackler family. They are the owners of the pharmaceutical company that produces OxyContin, the addictive opioid pain medication. Purdue Pharma paid the family $400 million from its profits during that time, claims a lawsuit filed by the Massachusetts attorney general. However,…

At An Ancient Settlement: Oldest Known Plant Virus

Researchers studying ancient corncobs found at a Native American archeological site have recovered a 1,000-year-old virus, the oldest plant virus ever reported. Only a few RNA viruses had been discovered previously from archaeological samples, the oldest dating from about 750 years ago. The new discovery came as the research team examined ancient plant material from Antelope House, an Ancestral Puebloan ruin located at Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona.

New California Governor Takes Healthcare Reform by the Horns

California's new governor, Gavin Newsom, has hit the ground running with a package of healthcare reform proposals that have national implications. In conjunction with recent initiatives in other states and cities including New York City to move toward universal health coverage, Newsom's program gives additional impetus to the nationwide movement to guarantee healthcare for all, partly by building on the Affordable Care Act (ACA).