Evaluation Of Oro Dental Self Injury For Insurance Deception

Self injury is defining as a behavior causing deliberate destruction or damage to the body tissues; which is not associating with a conscious intent to commit suicide. A nonsuicidal self inflicting injury is socially unacceptable repetitive; direct (to differentiate it from lesions induced by indirect methods such as the deliberate ingestion of a drug), and induces mild or moderate damages.

But the most common self-injuries include scratches, bites, cuts, burns, and; blunt injuries and the most frequently affecting anatomical targets are the hands, head, oral, and perioral tissues, and neck. In certain literatures, orodental they is classified as functional or organic. Self-injury behaviors are attributable to automatic and social reinforcement that may be positive, for example, to achieve certain objective.

Self Injury for insurance deception

The most affected sites include lower lip and tongue, and in certain cases; soft tissue lesions are accompanied by self-inflicted tooth dislocation or an avulsion. Moreover, oral self-injury is associating with lesions in other anatomic areas of the body in 20% of the cases.

This study aimed to evaluate the demographic features of the subjects with orodental self-injuries referring to a forensic medicine center in Shiraz, Iran; cross-sectional study evaluating 51 participants (49 men and 2 women) with orodental injuries referring to forensic medicine administration. Orodental was detecting in the subjects; basing on the last forensic criterion of self injuries, considering their history, clinical examinations; and panoramic radiographs.

Secondary education levels

But findings of this study revealing that dental self injuries were more prevalent among marrying men from urban areas with secondary education levels. Most of the cases were due to the monetary compensation received. In the majority of cases, a hard object was used for this self injury. Moreover, no statistical association was observed between the economic status and orodental self injury.

But majority of the individuals were in the age group of 31-40 years; demonstrating the demographic data of individuals with orodental self-injuries. Eleven participants (21.56%) revealed a criminal past history. Hard objects were the most frequent objects using for self-mutilation (50; 98.03%).