Family medicine

The researches find that primary care means remarkable care. Our providers are focus on you and understand the importance of listening carefully, involving you in decision-making, and delivering expert evidence-base care that is worthy of your trust. Virginia Mason Primary Care offers a full range of services adult medicine; therefore family medicine, pediatrics, behavioral health and specialize services including our concierge medicine program.

Importance of listening carefully

Our physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners help coordinate your care across all settings; including appointments with specialists; Because hospital stays and coordinated care with other medical facilities. Keeping the connection going, our family medicine physicians are trained and board-certified to care for persons of all ages, from infancy to adulthood.

primary care varies significantly by patient and clinician characteristics; according to a new study. Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University analyzed 2016 electronic health record data from 21 primary care practices with 271 clinicians. Of 84,929 patients seen, 11% received an opioid prescription; while 1% received chronic opioid prescriptions.

Oxycodone-acetaminophen is the most commonly prescribe opioid; followed by oxycodone. Because In urban underserv clinics, 10% of prescriptions written are  for opioids, therefore compare to 3% of prescriptions in suburban clinics. Being female, being of black race; and having risks for opioid-related harms; such as mental health diagnoses, substance use disorder and concurrent benzodiazepine use; are associate with being prescribe chronic opioids.

Patient and clinician characteristics

Patients with higher comorbidities were more likely to receive chronic opioid prescriptions and at higher doses. In interviews; clinicians described the use of opioids to manage chronic pain as appropriate for patients with extensive medical comorbidities or those for whom non-opioid pain medications were contraindicated. However; most were reluctant to begin patients on opioids for chronic pain.

Many felt frustrated by lack of time to appropriately manage patients’ chronic pain and lack of control over patients’ access to other sources of opioids. Because The authors call for research to explore trends in opioids prescribing; compare the differences in opioid prescribing in various settings; and test interventions to help primary care clinicians overcome barriers in weaning patients with high risks of opioid-related harms.primary care doctor easy.

Patients’ chronic pain

Whether you need an annual checkup or you have a complex health problem; therefore our dedicated team of primary care experts in the Mount Sinai Health System is ready to treat you from head to toe and coordinate your care every step of the way. We are conveniently located throughout New York City and have office hours that fit your busy life; because  including evenings and weekends.It’s easy to get an appointment and our helpful staff is there to provide you with top-quality service from the moment you walk in the door