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The researches find that the Healthcare launched in March 2019. It is one of the five initiatives of Time’s Up Foundation started by a group of women in the entertainment industry following the emergence of the Me Too movement. Therefore Rush is the first and only academic medical center in Illinois and among 29 signatories that pledged their commitment to address workplace discrimination; but harassment and abuse; and create equitable and safe cultures with the healthcare industry.

The Healthcare launch

In addition to Rush, signatories include institutions such as Boston University; Brigham Women’s, Brown University, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic; Because the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health and the Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Pringl Miller; a general surgeon and hospice and palliative medicine specialist at Rush University Medical Center, is among the 50 founding members of TIME’S UP Healthcare.

At Rush, it is essential that our diverse community of patients, families and employees all feel welcome, cared for and valued. We do not tolerate bias;Therefore  harassment or discrimination of any kind. Supporting the mission of TIME’S UP Healthcare aligns with our core values; and we’re proud to endorse these efforts.” Dr. Pringl Miller, Rush University Medical Center.

Our diverse community

The founding members are working with partners to advocate for and create change in the healthcare workforce by driving new policies and decisions that result in more balanced; diverse and accountable leadership. Therefore The core statements of TIME’S UP Healthcare state that sexual harassment and gender inequity have no place in the workplace and that the health care system must be committed to preventing sexual harassment and gender inequity; as well as protecting and aiding those who are targets of harassment and discrimination.

“With our signature, Rush commits our alignment with the core principles of Time’s Up Healthcare;” said Dr. Sheila Dugan, professor and chair of the Rush Women’s Leadership Council. But “They will continue to develop and set structures, processes, outcomes and policies of a safe respectful and equitable workplace.”

Safe respectful and equitable

“Every employee should have equitable opportunity, support and compensation;” said Dugan. “They will measure and track sexual harassment and gender-based inequities occurring in our institution.” Therefore “An important goal for TIME’S UP Healthcare is also to provide educational materials for training those in healthcare on how to combat gender inequity and sexual harassment;” said Miller.

According to Miller, when a healthcare system becomes a signatory of TIME’S UP Healthcare, they pledge a commitment to the main tenants of the campaign.Part of the signatory letter signed by Dr. Ranga Krishnan, CEO of Rush System for Health, Dr. Omar Lateef, CEO of Rush University Medical Center, and Dr. Sherine Gabriel, President of Rush University states that “we cannot address an issue without understanding its scope and its impact.”