World Health Organization Had Declaring Measles Outbreak In US

The World Health Organization had declaring measles to be eradicating from US in 2000; and since then 2019 looking like it would be one of the years with highest number of cases of confirmed measles. This stating that the measles back in UK three years after elimination. There have been no deaths yet but more than 100 have been hospitalizing for complications; associating with measles infection including pneumonia and encephalopathy.

In a recent development, due to the increasing number of cases of measles among unvaccinating children; the WHO has declaring that UK can no longer be called measles-free. The health organization says that the main reason; behind this come back of the vaccine preventable viral infection is due to the decrease in the vaccination coverage of measles, mumps; and rubella vaccine or the MMR vaccine across Europe over the last ten years.

World health organization

But by two doses of the MMR vaccine are offering to children from the NHS for better immunization. This declaring a country measles-free does not mean complete eradication of the illness. High vaccine coverage that allows for minimal number of cases could be the basis for declaring a nation measles-free says WHO. Most of the cases of measles have been reported among individuals who had not been vaccinated as a child.

Young adults in their twenties are most commonly affected. Since 2017 there has been a steady rise in measles cases; mainly due to inadequate vaccination and that is the reason behind withdrawal of the “measles-free” status of UK. Most of the outbreaks of measles in Europe have been from Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia; Greece, Romania, Italy and France especially among unvaccinated travellers.

Infected sputum and secretions

Measles is a viral infection that can spread easily via the infected sputum and secretions released when coughing or sneezing. Common manifestations include runny nose, rash and high fever. In most cases there is complete recovery from the infection within a few days. In some however there may be complications which may range from minor to life threatening.

The measles vaccine, included in the MMR injection, is one of the safest and most effective way to prevent the spread of this infection. According to the WHO; all individuals in a community should be vaccinating for complete protection. In reality, this is not possible because people with suppressed immunity, infants below 6 months and elderly should not be vaccinated with MMR. The CDC (Centre for Disease Prevention and Control); has warning that at present there are six outbreaks of measles that are ongoing across four states in the US.