Outbreak Of Measles In Northern Netherlands

As measles is a highly contagious infectious disease causing by the measles virus; the dealing with a measles outbreak in a devout Protestant fishing village where vaccination rates are among the lowest in the country; 9 children and 1 adult have been diagnosing with the disease in the village of Urk; part of the so called “Bible Belt” in the northern Netherlands; the Flevoland province health service.

But the health service saying it as actively monitoring the situation; and examining whether it was necessary to getting vaccinate or administer antibodies to people; who have been in contact with the infecting patients. In 2013 and previously; the disease occurring more often on Urk. Many people on Urk have experiencing this disease and that meaning that a natural defence has built up.

Outbreak of measles

But only 61.1% of people are vaccinating against measles in Urk; one of the lowest rates in the Netherlands; where the national average is 92.9%; according to the National Public Health and Environment Institute. Urk is regarding as one of the most devout of the villages in the “Bible Belt” of conservative Protestant communities running from Zeeland in the south of the Netherlands across the country to the north west.

But the 94% of people in Urk regularly go to church; according to the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics; comparing to one in six of all Dutch people. Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf said that in this devout community of Urk people believe that life and death are in God’s hands; and so vaccinations are not permitting.

Fisheries culture and protestant

Urk is considered a “closed’ community because of its fisheries culture and Protestant orthodox religion,” a European Commission report from 2010 said.The UN warned in April of a global resurgence of measles a highly contagious viral infection that can prove fatal amid a growing “anti-vax” movement worldwide. The WHO saying cases of the once all but eradicating disease surging 300% in 2018 across the globe.

The anti vax phenomenon has adherenting across Western countries but especially in the United States, where it has been fuelled by the spread on social media of claims that the jab could cause autism, which medical officials have found are baseless