International Health Authorities Announcing Experimental Ebola Drugs

According to the study trial of an experimental Ebola vaccine that may be using in African country; by this international health authorities announcing that experimental Ebola drugs being testing in the Congo seem to be saving lives of the people in the African region. The vaccine will be administered to up to 800 health professionals and frontline workers such as cleaners, ambulance personnel and mortuary.

The preliminary findings prompted an early halt to a major study on the drugs and a decision to prioritize their use in the African country, where a yearlong outbreak has killed more than 1,800 people. The two drugs one developing by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals; and the other by NIH researchers are antibodies that work by blocking the virus.

While the research showing that there is an effective albeit experimental vaccine against Ebola; one now being using in Congo no studies have signaling which of several potential treatments were best to try once people became sick.  During the West Africa Ebola epidemic several years ago; studies showing a hint that another antibody mixture named ZMapp working, but not clear proof.

Ebola vaccination trail

So with the current outbreak in Congo; researchers compared ZMapp to three other drugs Regeneron’s compound; the NIH’s called mAb114; and an antiviral drug naming remdesivir. several hundred patients in the Congo study were faring and finding enough difference to call an early halt to the trial. The panel determined that the Regeneron compound clearly was working better than the rest; and the NIH antibody wasn’t far behind.

The data is preliminary, Fauci stressed. But in the study, significantly fewer people died among those given the Regeneron drug or the NIH’s about 30% compared to half who received ZMapp. More striking, when patients sought care early before too much virus was in their bloodstream mortality was just 6% with the Regeneron drug and 11% with the NIH compound; compared to about 24% for ZMapp.

The congo’s outbreak

Tackling Congo’s outbreak has been complicated both by conflict in the region; and because many people don’t believe Ebola is real and choose to stay at home when they’re sick; which spurs spread of the virus. Getting people into care more quickly is absolutely vital. The fact that we have very clear evidence now on the effectiveness of the drugs; we need to get that message out to communities.

These countries suffering Ebola outbreaks in the past but nothing on the scale of the Congo epidemic; Occasionally people who receive the Ebola vaccine still become sick; including some in the treatment study, which raises the question of whether their earlier protection inflated the drugs’ survival numbers.