Department of Public Health confirmed a case of measles in an individual who took the blue line elevated train from O’Hare International Airport to the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) campus the day before and spent time in the Chicago Loop; Millennium Park; and in retail establishments along State Street between Monroe and Randolph Streets; and on South Canal Street. Because Additional exposures may have occurred at UIC Student Center East Friday morning.

Measles in an individual

“The University of Illinois at Chicago continues to work closely with the Chicago Department of Public Health ; (CDPH) to identify and attempt to contact all students; but staff and faculty who are known to have come in direct contact with an individual who has a confirmed measles infection and who visited the university on May 16 and 17. Because They believe there are only a limited number of individuals on the campus that may have been exposed and not immune; Therefore ” according to a UIC news release.

The latest case brings the total to eight confirmed cases of measles in Illinois.  But therefore  Researchers say Cook County; where Chicago is located, is among US counties at particular risk for large measles epidemics such as those that have occurred in Europe recently. Sahotra Sarkar; PhD, departments of Philosophy and Integrative Biology; University of Texas, Austin, and colleagues published their findings online
May 9 in The Lancet.

Departments of Philosophy

They used four factors to develop a quantitative model for identifying the US counties with the highest risk for a measles outbreak in 2019: therefore  international air travel volume to the destination county, nonmedical exemption rates in the county, county population, because and the incidence rate of the measles outbreak at the origin of travel.

The risk was highest in Cook County, Illinois (relative risk [RR], 1.000); followed by Los Angeles County, California (RR, 0.432); Miami-Dade County, Florida (RR, 0.381); Queens County (the authors refer to the borough of Queens as Queens County in the article since outbreaks in the region are “spatially consistent” with Queens and Brooklyn), New York (RR, 0.293); therefore King County, Washington (RR, 0.140)l Maricopa County, Arizona (RR, 0.123); Broward County, Florida (RR, 0.106); Clark County, Nevada (RR, 0.093); Harris County, Texas (RR, 0.087); and Honolulu County, Hawaii (RR, 0.067).

Quantitative model for identifying

The investigators say the study confirms their hypothesis that reintroduction of the measles virus at individual localities through travel from countries experiencing outbreaks and low vaccination rates resulting from nonmedical exemptions are the two main drivers of the resurgence of measles in the US.