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Serotonin Aids Spontaneity In Emergency Situations

Known for its role in relieving depression, the neurochemical serotonin may also help the brain execute instantaneous, appropriate behaviors in emergency situations, according to a new Cornell study published Feb. 1 in Science. The researchers studied brain activity patterns in mice. If a mouse was experiencing a threat, dorsal raphe serotonin neurons would fire during movements.…


Understanding NETs Could Lead To Better Antibiotics

Experiencing a bacterial infection? Doctors generally prescribe antibiotics. But how exactly do those antibiotics and your white blood cells work in tandem to improve your infection? “The human body’s first line of defense against bacteria are certain white blood cells called neutrophils,” says J. Scott VanEpps, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor of emergency medicine at Michigan…

Accidents and Electric scooter

Emergency Rooms The Destination For Many Electric Scooters Users

Electric scooters have become all the rage in getting around cities, but they are also accidents waiting to happen, a new study reveals. In two Southern California emergency rooms, nearly 250 people were seen for injuries linked to electric scooters in a single year, researchers found. “Riders of electric scooters share roads with fast-moving vehicular traffic and…

firearm safety

The Need For Pediatricians To Discuss Firearm Safety

Firearm injuries continue to be one of the top three leading causes of death in American youth. And access to firearms remains an important focus for primary injury prevention efforts in children. Emergency departments (EDs) often serve as a center for screening and education on injury prevention as injuries are the most common reason for…

Staffing Company, Hospitals Failed to Pay EPs

Cate Pelletier, MD, well remembers the day it all fell apart. It was late October, and she said one of the chief officers of Roxborough Memorial Hospital called to offer her a contract with Prime Healthcare, the company that owned the hospital if she would show up for her midnight shift. She said he promised that a contract at a higher rate of pay would be on her desk when she got to the hospital.