Emergency Rooms

Emergency Rooms; French hospital emergency room staff across France, including in Paris, have been on strike for three months with the support of the main unions, such as the hard left CGT, Sud and Force Ouvriere. This is despite the efforts of French Health Minister Agnes Buzyn who this week announce emergency measures in a bid to stop the strikes.

French hospital emergency staff are demanding more staff and more resources, such as beds, as well as a re-evaluation of their salaries and a €300 monthly bonus in recognition of the tough conditions they face at work. They say their working conditions are putting them under severe strain and putting patients in danger. The strikes began three months ago, in mid-March, at Saint Antoine Hospital after a series of attacks against staff, and they have since spread to 80 emergency services.

Hospital Emergency Rooms

Up until now services have not really affect; but in recent days the strikes have ramp up, with some emergency workers at Saint Antoine Hospital in the 12th arrondissement of Paris not show up when they schedule to work on Saturday, claiming sick leave. According to a report present by the Assistance Publique Hopitaux de Paris ( AP HP), 13 nurses and other emergency staff, out of 19, took sick leave before they were due to start at 9pm.

“Part of the afternoon team, on a voluntary basis; mobilize to ensure continuity of care. Locum and interim staff were also called in,” said the AP HP. The same tactic had use at Lariboisière Hospital; so in the 10th arrondissement of the French capital the previous week. However this is risky behaviour as hospital staff are legally very limit; so when it comes to striking and if they call in sick too much, the police may bring in to deal with the situation.

At the conference of emergency doctors on Thursday; Buzyn announce five immediate measures to tackle the situation, including accelerating the renovation; so of dilapidated emergency services buildings; so the creation of a bonus for paramedics who carry out duties normally carry out by a doctor; also the extension of another bonus which already exists for paramedics to cover more staff.

Longer term provisions

The health minister has also ask MP Thomas Mesnier, who was previously an emergency doctor, and President of the National Union of Emergency Services, Professor Carli to come up with a plan to restructure the country’s emergency services, with their proposals expect by November.

These measures are in addition to the longer-term provisions include in the health law; which is currently being examine in parliament. But Buzyn’s attempt to appease the situation not greet with open arms by everyone. ” they are very disappoint,” said Patrick Pelloux, from AMUF; so adding “the government not take stock of the extent of the challenge”.

For France, which already spends €200 billion on healthcare, it is not simply a matter of spending more money. The main unions are calling for a day of increase mobilisation in hospitals and a national strike on Tuesday, which will see more demonstrations outside emergency services across France.