Emergency Departments Improved Processes In Patients Care

For at least two days a week, Lorrie Batson, RN, BSN, plays the part of a hawk eyed mother, carefully looking over her chicks and keeping her nest taken care of and safe from her perch in the Nash UNC Emergency Department waiting room. Batson, a clinical nurse II, keeps her eyes and ears open; also focus on patients waiting for care. Patients in the emergency departments typically check in with registration staff to the far left of the waiting room.

Emergency departments

The clinical nurse that covers the waiting room has a desk at the front center of the waiting room. This is where Batson and other clinical nurses do the very important job of beginning to assess the medical needs of patients as soon as they enter the doors. “They am aware of everything going on in that waiting room,” Batson said.

“They want to know who is nodding off and if it’s a patient, is there a family member with them? So they want to know if someone’s breathing has changed. Is someone showing signs of a stroke? Has someone’s initial condition worsened? They, literally, are like a mother hen but with a nursing degree.” Batson said the job is a natural fit for her.

Kim Langston, director of emergency services for Nash UNC Health Care, said patients are noting better experiences in the emergency department. “They have made significant improvement in patient satisfaction scores in the last 18 months in the Emergency Departments thanks to improve processes that get patients seen faster; so as well as renewed focus on keeping the patient and their love ones comfortable and inform throughout their stay,” Langston said.

Health conditions of patient

“Lorrie plays an integral role in our patients’ medical care and their overall experience in the Emergency Department. Not only does she quickly assess patients’ health conditions when they enter the lobby and provide continuous monitoring of their condition, but she also has a gift for keeping them calm and comfortable throughout the process,” Langston said. “Patients regularly make note of Lorrie’s talents and genuine, kind spirit.”

“They have improve communication and rounding so that patients and family members feel informed, comfort; also care for from the second they walk through the front door; so through their entire experience in the Emergency Department,” Langston said. “We are now performing in the top quartile of Emergency Departments across the country in our patient satisfaction scores.”

Batson said she treats everyone that comes through the emergency department door like it’s someone from her family. “And they have a big ‘family’ since they grew up in south Rocky Mount,” she said laughing. “They really do know a lot of people. But regardless of whether they know someone or not; so they see them as someone in need that they want to take care of. Every single person, every one. they want them to feel that from me that’s my goal,” she emphasized.