High‐resolution microscope

High Resolution; Commercial high resolution optical microscopes are essential for microscopy imaging; however, they are expensive and bulky, which limits their use in point-of-care devices, resource limited areas, and real-time imaging of a sample in a large apparatus. In this study, we report a novel compact lightweight sub micron-resolution inverted optical microscope at low. Our technique utilises the proximity of the image sensor to a commercial microscope objective lens for compactness of the microscope.

Technique offers a freedom

The use of an image sensor with a small pixel size helps to reduce the information loss, which provides high-resolution images.Moreover, our technique offers a freedom to tailor the design of microscope according to the require resolution, cost, and portability for specific applications, which make sit a suitable candidate for affordable point-of-care devices.

High-resolution optical imaging is one of the essential techniques for experimental analyses without damaging the sample. High-performance standard optical microscopes can be use to obtain high-quality images; however, these microscopes are expensive, bulky, and limit by the small field of view (FOV).

Moreover, owing to portability and cost issues; so these microscopes are not suitable for several applications; hence such as point-of-care devices, direct imaging of a sample in a large apparatus, remote location applications, resource limited areas etc. In recent years, there has a progress in the development of cost-effective and portable microscopes; however, most of these methods are limit by the sample conditions and/or requirement of a complex computation; so to obtain the final image of an object.

The high resolution

In this study, we demonstrate a novel simple technique for a cost-effective compact portable customisable sub micron resolution invert light microscope. Moreover, our technique does not require complex computations to obtain the final image of an object. In the propose technique, we directly use a commercial microscope objective lens close to an image sensor for compactness of the microscope.

They demonstrate a novel compact portable cost effective customisable invert (transmitted); so light microscope for various applications. Our microscopic imaging technique is capable of imaging objects with sizes in the range of submicrometre to millimetre with a high resolution. Owing to its compactness, our microscope is suitable for a monitoring of an object; which in a control environment such as live cell imaging.

It has a potential to be develop as a portable point-of-care device. The capability of submicron-level imaging, portability and adaptability make it promising for industrial applications where standard microscopes have limitations. Further, the use of a high-magnification objective lens and small wavelength (monochromatic); so light source could improve the resolution of the current setup.

Recently, the development of a highly curve image sensor demonstrate; hence its significant optical and size benefits in camera applications. The use of a high-resolution curve image sensor in our technique can improve the illumination uniformity, resolution, light gathering and focusing in a large FOV, while reducing the system size, cost, and complexity.