Global Market

The Increasing technology and unmanned aerial vehicles have drastically changed the man-machine-interface; hence a shift of focus of the practice of aerospace medicine. Aerospace medicine is as a specialized field of medicine which is concerned; with the maintenance of health and performance of aircrew in space and aviation environment. Aerospace medicine promotes the safety and effectiveness of human while they are exposing to the stresses; of aerospace flight like extreme temperature, low oxygen, atmospheric pressure, noise, radiation; the strong forces of acceleration and deceleration.
Neither primary care nor the surgical specialties address the above-mentioned issues with the depth; needed in order to manage the health care of military and civilian aviators and space explorers. Aerospace medicine is aviation medicine and this medicine majorly contributes to making the aerospace environment; safe and healthy for all the flyer. Several case studies and research are on aviation, space, and environmental medicine by the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA).

The aerospace medicine

AsMA is dedicating to enhancing health, promoting safety; improving the performance of all who travel or work in the air, beneath the sea, and in outer space. However, aerospace medicine is a new cutting-edge medicine field that creates huge opportunities for pharmaceutical companies and other vendors. Physicians who are training in aerospace medicine are as flight surgeons.
Aerospace physicians are in the physiological implications of exposure to the space environment and proper medical management to ensure the safe skies for all. Across the globe, aerospace medicine physicians can found. Aerospace medicine physicians are in the commercial airline companies, military, space agencies, regulatory agencies, and in the independent clinics specialized for medical flight certification.

With the increasing number of passengers of all ages, aerospace medicine is becoming more and more compelling. The rising airline industry and expansion of military aviation forces are expected to drive the growth of the global aerospace medicine market. The pharmaceutical companies are also taking more and more interest in aerospace medicine which further fuels the revenue growth of the global aerospace medicine market.

The maximum market share

North America aerospace medicine market and Europe aerospace medicine market are joint to hold maximum market share in the global aerospace medicine market. This is majorly due to the presence of advanced aerospace medicine training centers in the region. Emerging countries of Asia Pacific are to witness rapid growth due to the lucrative market opportunities in the region.
There are various streams of aerospace medicine is emerging in India, like preventive, clinical, research and airline/industrial branches of the specialty. However, due to the lack of trained aerospace medicine physicians and funding, countries of Latin America and the Middle East and Africa are expected to experience slow growth over the forecast period.