One of the most overlooked advantages of being in the dental profession is that any general practitioner has the ability, through the evolution of continuing education, to become talented in arenas once reserved for specialists. There is a myriad of continuums that enable GPs to master orthodontics, endodontics, and implantology.

If you're a primary care physician and your office is not performing as it was, you can not sign up for a 12-month continuum on plastic surgery. Sedation dentistry is an amazing advantage exclusive to dentistry.

All of the mentioned skills will help build your practice. But if you want a new service that will blow up your phones, the answer is oral sedation. There are many various enteral protocols available. 

Dental Care

The world of patients with dental experiences is much broader than you may realize. Some of these people are resigned to failed attempts of random combinations, designed to get them to that place that comfortable dental care.

Achieving excellence in ortho, endo, or remove frankly, most of your services does not necessarily lead to a plethora of new patients. Even patients with great smile makeovers may be reluctant to shout it to the world because they would rather others think it's their natural smile.


On the contrary, successfully treated patients become your instant cheerleaders and will refer. They will go online to provide testimonials. Unlike orthodontic, endodontic, or even esthetic skills, the office that offers sedation stands out from the rest. It has been my observation that this is the number one driving force behind patients willing to go out of network for your care.

The second block of this triad is the atraumatic removal of teeth . Patients who seek your care often have abundant pathology, and your treatment plans will require extractions. Surprisingly, removing even difficult broken-down molars has a short learning curve.  There are several live, hands-on courses around the country to facilitate this skill. 

  1.  Treating only ASA 1 and 2
  2.  No third molars
  3. No sedation for children. 

The final block of the triad follows this premise: fact You can perform an atraumatic extraction, then it becomes natural to incorporate both surgical and prosthetic implant dentistry into your services. 

Implant Dentistry

Taking on implant dentistry is literally a lifetime commitment to implant CE. However, dentists can incorporate well-planned predictable implants early in their training. Insurance influence, increased competition, and a patient base motivated by tight dollars have merged to prevent many practices from reaching their previous levels of success.

Imagine a day in the office where you see only four or five primary patients. You are not running around from room to room providing single crowns in maloccluded dentitions. You're executing well-thought-out treatment plans because this is a must when treating patients under enteral sedation.